SA – Woodland Reserve Playspace

City: Oakden, City of Port Adelaide Enfield
Country: Australia

Site: Woodland Reserve, 57 Conservatory Circuit, Oakden, South Australia 5086
Client: City of Port Adelaide Enfield
Age Range: 1 to 12 years
Completed: February 2021

The playground at Woodland Reserve in Oakden is filled with fun play experiences for children aged 1-12 years. It is set in a lovely local park that includes a picnic shelter, barbecue and beautiful trees – a great place to meet up and socialise with friends and neighbours. The playground features many items of Proludic play equipment from our Good Design Award-winning ranges including Kanopé, Diabolo Baby and our Inclusive Trampolines:

  • Babies and toddlers can actively and safely explore the ergonomically-designed Diabolo Baby play equipment which stimulates motor skills development, curiosity and social interactions.
  • The nature-inspired Kanopé Multiplay invites children from 3 years to live a forest adventure, providing carefully graded climbing and balancing challenges
  • The Inclusive Trampoline is a playground favourite  – children of all ages can enjoy the fun bouncing sensations whilst activating all the muscles in the body!
  • Other moving play equipment includes swings, an essential play item for young children and the Double Perch, a fun stand-up seesaw for older children.

Woodland Reserve Playspace


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