SA – Unley Oval hilltop playground

City: Unley
Country: Australia

Site: Hilltop Playground, Unley Oval, South Australia
Client: City of Unley
Age Range: from 3 years old

The Unley Oval hilltop playground has been upgraded with an exciting Amazone themed playground tower! The City of Unley had identified the need to upgrade the old Unley Oval hilltop playground in this iconic location that offers “superior views across the Unley Oval complex and Adelaide Hills.” Following the community consultation, a jungle theme for the new play area was identified. Proludic’s Giant Amazone Tower was the perfect solution! Covered with graphics replicating lush, savage vegetation, exotic animals and sacred totems the tower plunges children into a complete change of scenery where the environment is transformed into a tropical jungle.

Play equipment:

  • J47200-GA custom Square Adventure Tower “Amazone” with Grafic Games
  • J2410 Hip Hop
  • J4904 Origin’ Japanese Steps
  • J4903 Origin’ Balance Logs