Rockport Park – Vista master-planned community

City: Seaford Heights, SA
Country: Australia

Location: Rockport Park, Seaford Heights, South Australia
Client: Aspect Studios for Fairmont Homes Group (Fairland)
Age: 2+ years
Year:  2016

An adventure themed playground has been installed at Rockport Park, in the Vista – Seaford Height community for young explorers in search of an adventure! Either aboard the jeep or by riding Sidney the Snake Springer, children will go in search of the secret temple.

The Diabolo Adventure multi-play offers many manipulative features that encourage children to explore the senses of sight, sound and touch and to develop the concepts of logic and consequences. These elements help to stimulate the imagination. The park also includes a Swing set and a Falling Star Springer.

The choice of colours as well as the compact composite timber look, brings an exotic touch to the play environment.