SA – Kesmond Reserve Playground

City: Keswick
Country: Australia

Location: Kesmond Reserve, Everard Avenue, Keswick, South Australia

Client: City of West Torrens

Kesmond Reserve features Proludic’s impressive J45417 Biibox Multi PlayThis very large Biibox structure gives the playground a modern and contemporary look that combines attractive flowing curves with robust materials. Biibox playgrounds are an exciting meeting point for children aged 3 to 12 who can test and develop their motor skills and find other children to play with. Other equipment at Kesmond Reserve includes Swing sets, a Trampoline, a Jeep, a Speed Gyro, Rainbow Chimes and more. Teenagers and adults can also get a good workout using the Urbanix Fitness equipment and Horizontal Bars installed at the Reserve.

Play equipment:

  • J45417  Biibox Multi-Play
  • J2614 Jeep
  • J2400 Speed Gyro
  • R49-UMN-230 Junior Basket Swing
  • Z15-0402 Swing set standard seat and Toddler sear
  • R34-FIECOCH Rainbow Chimes
  • R34-ETP-000 Trampoline
  • J3410 Tubophone
  • J2880 Picnic Table
  • R37-UBX-223B Urbanix Abs Bench
  • R37-UBX-247B Urbanix Hydraulic Shoulder Press
  • R37-UBX-292B Urbanix Hydraulic Stepper
  • J3723 Horizontal Bars


Kesmond Reserve Playground

Biibox Multi-Play, Rainbow Chimes


Kesmond Reserve Playground

Jeep, Trampoline, Picnic Table, Junior Basket Swing, Speed Gyro, Biibox

Kesmond Reserve Playground

Swing set, Biibox Multi-Play

Kesmond Reserve Playground

Urbanix Fitness equipment, Biibox Multi-Play