QLD – Sunnybay Drive Park Playground

City: Redland
Country: Australia

Site: Sunnybay Drive Park Playground, Sunnybay Drive, Birkdale, QLD 4159

Client: Redland City Council

The new playground at Sunnybay Drive Park was designed by Redland City Council. The City selected a Multiplay unit from our award-winning Kanopé range due to the aesthetics of the equipment that blends in the natural local environment. The playground also includes a Pod Swing and a Maze Wagon themed equipment.

Play equipment:

  • J5608 Kanopé Multi-Play with Polyester Slide Bed
  • J441 Inclusive Pod Swing
  • J2694 Inclusive Maze Wagon


Sunny Drive Park Playground

Kanopé Multi-Play

Sunny Drive Park Playground

Wagon, Kanopé Multiplay

Sunny Drive Park Playground

Sunnybay Drive Park Playground: Pod Swing, Kanopé Multiplay, Wagon