Lions Park Moranbah Playground

City: Moranbah, QLD
Country: Australia

Location: Lions Park, Belyando St, Moranbah QLD 4744
Client: Isaac Regional Council
Age: 0.5+ years
Year:  2016

A jungle themed playground has been provided to Lions Park in Moranbah. Using our unique Grafic Games concept, the Amazone Tiboo Multi-Play will plunge young children into a tropical rainforest landscape, with its graphics depicting a scene of lush, wild vegetation, mysterious symbols, vines and ancient temples. The adventure continues where young children will encounter exotic animals including Leo the Lion Springer, Melvin the Monkey Springer, Elephant Springer. Other play equipment such as Swing sets and Tubophone have been added to the park for even more fun. Older children will also be part of the adventure challenging themselves on the Monkey Bars, Speed Slide, Gyro and other playful elements of the Ixo Multi-Play.