QLD – Culgoa Street Park Playground

City: Townsville
Country: Australia

Site: Culgoa Street Park, Culgoa Street, Wulguru, QLD 4811

Client: Townsville City Council

Proludic designed the playground at Culgoa Street Park to ensure that a highly functional and play system could be implemented without restricting visual access in and out of the playground. Important to the appropriate selection of equipment was to ensure a new lease of life could be brought to the space, which is evident through the vivid colour palette of the Biibox multiplay unit and diverse range of play elements incorporated.

The Giant Biibox Multi-Play structure (J45417) encourages extensive play exploration for a diverse range of age groups, ensuring children of all ages can play on a portion of the equipment that is suitable to their abilities and scale. Including all play on a single unit is important in ensuring connectivity of the different age groups and provides challenges for children to improve their own strength and ability.
Highly durable and able to resist the harshest of weather conditions, the Biibox unit provides a strong and robust play structure suitable to the Townsville area and conditions.

Culgoa Street Park Playground

Biibox Multi-Play for a diverse range of age groups

Culgoa Street Park Playground

Biibox Multi-Play

Culgoa Street Park Playground

J473 Swing set with stainless steel chains, Biibox Multi-Play J45417