NSW – Reserve 871, The Ponds Playground

City: Blacktown
Country: Australia

Site: Reserve 871, Piddington Street, The Ponds NSW
Client: Blacktown City Council
Age Range: from 2 years old
Date opened: August 2017

Reserve 871 at The Ponds in western Sydney is a wonderful recreation facility for an incoming community that is designed to function as a regional park, catering for the needs of children of all ages and abilities, whilst  integrating natural and designed play elements. Reserve 871 has won the Playspace Award Major in the 2017 Parks & Leisure Awards of Excellence for NSW/ACT Region.

Reserve 871 The Ponds Playground - Adventure Tower

Reserve 871 The Ponds Playground – Adventure Tower

In the creation of Reserve 871, Proludic collaborated closely with Landscape Architect Amar Zein of Blacktown City Council. Having recently worked on five other playground projects with the Council, our client was confident we could deliver what they needed. View client testimonial.

In this project, we acted as both playground design consultant and supplier/installer of the play equipment. The time frame for project delivery, from design concept to construction, was tight. Our design documentation and ongoing communications during the construction phase kept the client happy and the project on-track.

The selection of a feature item of play equipment, the Adventure Treehouse Tower, that hadn’t been used anywhere else in Australia helped make this playspace unique.


Our playground design applied our most up-to-date thinking on inclusive play design principles. It accommodated many opportunities for multi-generational play.

Reserve 871, the Ponds received the tick of approval as it:

  • Caters to children of all ages and abilities.
  • Encourages social interaction through play.
  • Provides amenities for parents and carers to supervise their children.
  • Is functional, yet aesthetically attractive.
  • Connects well to other parks in the Council’s open space network.
  • Is a sustainable, durable design – uses sustainably sourced, robust materials; these materials consider the full product and project lifecycle, are economical, and recyclable.
  • Achieves environmental targets – including the treatment, retention and reuse of water harvested on site.
  • Is a flexible design solution – modular play equipment which integrates natural materials
  • Complies with Australian Standards for safety, maintenance access and crime minimisation (based on the latest CPTED studies).


Reserve 871 The Ponds Playground

Reserve 871 The Ponds Playground