McMullen Avenue Park Playground

City: Carlingford, NSW
Country: Australia

Location: McMullen Avenue Park Playground, 24 McMullen Avenue, Carlingford NSW 2118
Client: City of Parramatta
Age: from 2 to 10 years
Year:  2018


The old McMullen Avenue Park Playground has been upgraded with a new Adventure-themed playground for children from 1 year old to explore and enjoy! The Proludic Diabolo Adventure Multi-play offers a host of fun adventures for the young explorers aged 2 to 10 years old: climb the wall, climb the net, ‘meet’ and ‘play’ with many exotic animals along the way, slide down the slide, role play and more. The playground also includes a Tournicolo Carousel, a Seahorse Springer and a swing set with standard seat and toddler’s seat.