NSW – Eastlakes Reserve Playground

City: Bayside
Country: Australia

Location: Eastlakes Reserve, Barber Avenue, Eastlakes NSW

Client: Bayside Council

“The exciting new playground at Eastlakes Reserve includes a toddler play area with shade sail, an older children’s play area and a nature play zone. There is a variety of new play equipment and design features together with opportunities for children to ride scooters and bikes on new concrete perimeter paths surrounding the playground.” (extract from Bayside Council’s website).

The play area for younger children includes the following Proludic play equipment:

  • J4061 Tema Adventure Multi-Play
  • J2607GG Locomotive with Grafic Games
  • J2401 Tournicolo Carousel
  • J481 Swing set with toddler seats

The play area for older children includes the following Proludic play equipment:

  • J2532M Ixo Multi-Play (metal)
  • Z15-0400 Double Bay Swing

A Table Tennis Table (R1002) provided by Proludic is a great addition to the playground as it provides a fun sport activity to everyone!


Eastlakes Reserve Playground

Younger children’s play area

Eastlakes Reserve Playground

Grafic Games Locomotive, toddler swing set

Eastlakes Reserve Playground

Senior Ixo Multi-Play

Eastlakes Reserve Playground

Table Tennis Table