Brushgrove Recreational Triangle Playground

City: Brushgrove, NSW
Country: Australia

Location: Brushgrove Recreational Triangle, Woodford Street, Brushgrove NSW 2460
Client: Clarence Valley Council
Age: 2+ years
Year:  2021


Situated on the beautiful Clarence River, Brushgrove Recreational Triangle Playground invites children to venture into a playful atmosphere where families can enjoy time together.

The Kanopé Multiplay (custom J5614) engages children from 2 years old into fun and active play. Trees, leaves, wild grasses, waterfalls and wildlife have been recreated in the Kanopé structure which fits harmoniously in the surrounding environment. For example, they can navigate a pathway that’s horizontal or vertical, steep or moving. They can also climb in all directions, clambering up and down numerous rope structures or take the plunge on the ‘waterfall’ slide.

With the Forest Group Springer (J984), children can enjoy rocking motion sensations together with friends and family. The nature life theme is designed to stimulate their imagination. The swings (J496) and rotating Tournicolo (J2401) provide great dynamic play experiences for even more fun!

Forest Group Springer

Forest Group Springer