Article published on 22 February 2021

Proludic new products 2021 Brochure

Proludic presents our 2021 New Products Brochure with more than 30 innovative new products of Proludic exclusive designs for play!

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What’s NEW in our PLAY range?

Kanopé, the adventure continues!

Our award-winning, nature-inspired Kanopé range is expanded with new playful and inclusive structures designed for all age groups from the very young to older children. Introducing the Ka’Yop Trees and Rope Play with slides!

Inclusive Play equipment

Unique inclusive play equipment designs, conceived with Proludic’s expertise and experience in building inclusive playground solutions, increase the options of providing play equipment for all:

  • Inclusive See-Saw J987®: a true innovation in inclusive play design, this inclusive seesaw with its unique spring system, enables 2 children using a wheelchair to enjoy a gentle, reassuring rocking movement together with up to 4 other children.
  • Inclusive All-terrain Vehicle J952® Springer: with room for up to 8 children, including one wheelchair user, this unique play structure features multiple inclusive play activities as well as an innovative sliding ramp system to facilitate direct access to the play equipment from the ground.
  • Even more inclusive play equipment includes the new accessible Diabolo Multiplay J38201® with ramp access and over 29 inclusive play activities inside and outside the unit. In addition, the Diabolo Baby Multiplay J38711® features our new musical Orchestra Panel J3425® and will delight very young children.

Themed play equipment

New themed play equipment complements our Adventure and Aquatica ranges: discover the playful look of the Dream Villages Multiplay units, the Mine Trolley J953®, the Tractor J2623®, The Neptune boat J1962® and more…!


New Swings include our inclusive cantilever Pendulum Swing J444® with room for up to 5 children to swing together at once, inclusive swing sets with an inventive new seat webbing system for improved user comfort (J443® and J445®), as well as nature-inspired swings featuring a whole new organic asymmetrical post style…

Origin’ play equipment

Origin’: our Robinia timber nature play range now includes The Stall J49107®, a themed play structure that encourages imaginative role play and fine motor skills development. New Rotating items and Springers also add more dynamic play experiences and fun to the Origin ’range!


Browse through our brochure HERE to learn more.  Scan the QR codes to see our new play equipment in action! 

Proludic 2021 New Products


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