Article published on 22 May 2017


Inspired by nature, the new Kanopé play equipment from Proludic engages children of all ages in fun, imaginative and active play. Using curved lines and organic shapes, this modular range is safe, robust and durable.

Attractive design elements include green arched posts that simulate wild-grass leaves blowing in the breeze, bird shaped cut-outs and fun leaf. Climb a tree, use ropes to scale the forest, or navigate a pathway between forest-like structures!

The new Kanopé range combines a modern aspect with natural inspirations and fits in both nature play and urban environments.

Its modular design makes it easy for landscape architects and designers to adapt and customise elements to suit the requirements of each site.


Younger children from 2 years old can explore the play elements at ground level and access the lower-level platforms (1.17m high). Older children can play in the treetops and climb up to higher platforms (1.77m high).

Under the canopy, children will be able to discover new and innovative play elements such as:

  • the Wombat Tunnel (rope tunnel),
  • the Firefly Hut (tilted and climbing panels),
  • the Kookaburra Nest (elevated playhouses),
  • the Owl Eye (play porthole),
  • the Wild Grass walkway,
  • the Caterpillar Cross Over (net tunnel),
  • the Small Waterfall (traditional slide) and the Speed Slide …


Proludic uses efficient and sustainable materials to preserve the lifetime of the equipment. The durable and weather-resistant Kanopé structures include:

  • 100% recyclable compact composite panels and floorboard
  • 100% recyclable metal and plastic materials
  • Solvent-free painted galvanised steel posts
  • Low-maintenance stainless steel slides and tubes
  • More than 95% waste recycled

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