Article published on 30 March 2015

Boroondara Biibox

The City of Boroondara selected the biggest “Biibox Multi Play” from Proludic in the upgraded playground facility at Sir William Angliss Reserve, Hawthorn. Proludic have provided a fantastic variety of play opportunities for a wide age group of children in the new playground.

Sir William Angliss Reserve features Proludic’s impressive J45417 Biibox Multi Play. This very large Biibox structure gives the playground a modern and contemporary look that combines attractive flowing curves with robust materials.


Biibox playgrounds are an exciting meeting point for children aged 3 to 12 who can test and develop their motor skills and find other children to play with. The combination of platforms at different heights, walkways, tunnels, slides, climbing nets, cableway and spinning gyro allow children to select different levels of challenge and test their balance and agility, all whilst having fun with friends.

Sir William Angliss Turbo slide
Sir William Angliss AU

The playground also features a Diabolo Multi Play, Tightrope Circuit, Swings and Springers to cater for young children. An accessible pathway leads to inclusive play equipment such as the Lottery Play panel, Farm House, The Jeep, Rainmaker where all children can play together – no matter what their ability.

The Jeep Sir William Sir William Angliss Duo

Older children, teenagers and adults can test their strength on fitness items such as the Horizontal bars and Monkey bars.

A fenced sand play area includes The Sieve and Digger for sand play activities which a wide age range of children can enjoy.

Monkey Bars Sir William Digger Sir William

Click here to watch a video and view more photos of the project.

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