VIC – South Wangaratta Reserve Playground

City: Wangaratta
Country: Australia

Site: South Wangaratta Reserve, Shanley Street, Wangaratta, Victoria 3676

Client: Rural City of Wangaratta

This lovely playground at South Wangaratta Reserve includes a Proludic Ixo Multi-Play with great arch (monkey bars), inclined climbing net, Speed Slide, high platform to challenge older children and a Forest Tower Multi-Play, Speed Gyro, Jeep, Springers and swings for younger children.

Play equipment:

  • J2535M Ixo Multi-Play
  • J4051 Forest Tower Multi-Play
  • J2400 Speed Gyro
  • J2614 Jeep
  • J857 Horse Springer
  • J844 Daisy the Cow Springer
  • Z15-0402 Swingset


South Wangaratta Reserve Playground

South Wangaratta Reserve Playground