VIC – Plenty River Reserve

City: Doreen
Country: Australia

Site: Plenty River Estate, Doreen, Whittlesea Victoria
Client: Warrandale Industries for Satterley Property Group
Completed: 2011

Plenty River Estate includes some exciting Dynamic Structures designed by Proludic for thrill-seeking teenagers! The unique Skysurf provides big thrills for teens as they fly through the air, the rocking and rotating Rodeoboard is the ideal item to challenge each other with winner-stays-on challenges and the Altima is a real climbing challenge similar to climbing up a rope – who can reach the top? The Proludic Cableway will give younger children unique play sensations and an outlet to burn up their excess energy.

Play equipment:

  • J3505 Skysurf
  • J510 Cableway
  • Z11-3500 Altima
  • J3501 Rodeoboard


Plenty River Estate Playground


Plenty River Estate Playground

Cableway Flying Fox

Plenty River Estate Playground

Rodeoboard, Altima