VIC – Gresswell Grange Playground

City: Darebin
Country: Australia

Site: Gresswell Grange, 17 Bircanin Close, Bundoora, Victoria 3083

Client: City of Darebin

The playground at Gresswell Grange provides a great variety of play activities for children from 2 years old including a Multi-Play unit, climbing challenges and inclusive play equipment. 

Play equipment: 

  • J45105 Biibox Multi-Play
  • J2406 Inclusive Wok
  • J860 Strawberry Springer
  • J3410 Tubophones (Talk Tubes)
  • J487 Pod Swing
  • J484 Swing set with toddler and standard seats
  • J4905 Origin’ Climbing Poles
Gresswell Grange Playground

Biibox Multi-Play, Pod Swing, Swingset

Gresswell Grange Playground

Origin’ Climbing Poles, Inclusive Wok, Strawberry Springer, Tubophones