VIC – Belvoir Park Play Panels

City: Wodonga
Country: Australia

Site: Belvoir Park, Ken Adamson Walk, Wodonga Victoria 3690

Client: City of Wodonga

Proludic provided new play panels to replace the old ones at Belvoir Park. The play panels include various manipulative activities which stimulate thinking, concentration, hand-eye coordination, sensory skills and provide young children with yet another way of having fun. Installed at ground level they are suitable for children with motor impairments.

The play panels include:

  • Combination set of J3402 Flower Board, J3404 Maze and Z16-3413 Australian Animals Play Panels with custom colours
  • J3421 Gym Play Panel
  • J3419 Bug Play Panel
  • J3420 Puzzle Play Panel
  • R34-FIROW3 Four in a row Play Panel


Belvoir Park Play Panel

Custom set of 3 play panels

Belvoir Park Play Panel

Bug play panel

Belvoir Park Play Panel

Puzzle play panel

Belvoir Park Play Panel

Four in a row, Gym play panels