SA – Linden Park Primary School Playground

City: Linden Park
Country: Australia

Site: Linden Park Primary School, 14 Hay Rd, Linden Park, South Australia 5065

The playground at Linden Park Primary School is designed to get the students moving without them realising it! The Proludic play equipment includes three Mutli-Play structures from its IXO range encouraging children from 6 to develop their motor skills, upper-body strength, speed, agility and to challenge themselves. These IXO structures are ideal for collective use and generate interaction between students which is just as important as physical activity. The playground also includes Climbing Bars and Senior Double Wall Bars from Proludic’s Fitness wooden trail range. The equipment can be used as a circuit during physical exercise classes or can be used during free play time

Play equipment:

  • J2531 Ixo Multi-Play (Timber version)
  • J2535 Ixo Multi-Play (Timber version)
  • J2533 Ixo Multi-Play (Timber version)
  • JPS22 Climbing Bars (Timber version)
  • JPS11-S Senior Double Wall Bars (Timber version)


Linden Park Primary School

Ixo Multi-Play, Climbing Bars,

Linden Park Primary School

Ixo Multi-Play structures

Linden Park Primary School

Senior Double Wall Bars