Rosslyn Blay Reserve

City: Parramatta
Country: Australia

Location: Rosslyn Blay Reserve, Grose Street, North Parramatta, NSW.

Client:  Parramatta City Council.

Rosslyn Blay Reserve is a perfect little park for families with very young children. The playground equipment provided by Proludic includes a Diabolo Multi-Play that provides a great variety of activities encouraging motor development in a compact space for children from 2 years old. It also includes a Swing set with standard seat and toddler seat, Quatro Springer, the Jeep themed-play equipment and the Play Table

Click HERENew tab to read a nice review of Rosslyn Blay Reserve and the playground from the “Parraparents” website.

Play equipment:

  • J3851 Diabolo multi-play unit
  • J484 Swing set
  • J2614 Jeep
  • J830 Quatro seesaw
  • J3403 Play table
Rosslyn Blay Reserve Playground

Rosslyn Blay Reserve Playground

Rosslyn Blay Reserve Playground

Jeep, Diabolo Multi-Play for young children