NT – Tracy Park Woodroffe Playground

City: Woodroffe
Country: Australia

Location: Tracy Park, James Cct, Woodroffe, Northern Territory.

Client:  City of Palmerston

The playground at Tracy Park was designed to meet the play needs of toddlers, young children and children with special needs. The Inclusive Diabolo Multi-Play is a combination of platforms, access points and a variety of play elements. Accessibility for children with reduced motor skills is encouraged by the presence of a ramp, low level floors, ground-based play opportunities and secure steps. The play activities, located inside and outside the structure help to develop mobility, fine motor skills, cognitive faculties and provide sensory stimulation. There are multiple easy-access entrances so that accompanying adults can share and encourage play activities or intervene quickly if needed. A Swing set including a standard seat and toddler seat was also added to the playground.

Play equipment:

  • J38200 Inclusive Diabolo Multi-Play
  • J479 Swing set


Tracy Park Playground

Inclusive Diabolo Multi-Play with accessible ramp

Tracy Park Playground

Inclusive Diabolo, play activities inside and outside

Tracy Park Playground

Inclusive Diabolo, a great variety of play activities