NSW – West Denistone Park Playground

City: Denistone West
Country: Australia

Site: West Denistone Park, 33 Driver Street, Denistone West, NSW 2114

Client: City of Ryde, Group GSA

Colloquially known as the “Roly Poly Park” due to the undulating nature of West Denistone Park, the client engaged Proludic to custom design springers that would reflect the old Roly Poly dolls. We were able to meet the client’s specific requirements by providing these unique and delightful Roly Poly Clowns Springers specially designed for the park, evoking memories of a childhood toy familiar to many people! A Proludic Maxi Slide was also provided to the park.

Play equipment:

  • Z18-0811 Roly Poly Clown Springer
  • J1056 Maxi green Slide
West Denistone Park Playground

Custom designed Roly Poly Clown Springers

West Denistone Park Playground

Maxi Green Slide, custom Roly Poly Clown Springer

Watch a video of our bespoke Roly Poly Clown Springers at West Denistone Park: