NSW – Auburn Park Playground

City: Auburn
Country: Australia

The playground at Auburn Park includes play equipment for both younger and older children. The Tema Metropolis themed Multi-Play and the Cosmocar Springer suitable for younger children encourage imaginative play whilst the Ixo Multi-Play and Hip Hop will get older children moving without them realising it! Other play equipment includes a Speed Gyro and a Double-Bay swing set.

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Location: Auburn Park, Cnr Simpson & Macquarie Rds, Auburn, NSW

Client: Auburn City Council

Play equipment:

  • J2532M Ixo Multi Play
  • J2410 Hip Hop
  • J2400 Speed Gyro
  • J4062 Tema Metropolis Multi-Play
  • J848 Cosmocar Springer
  • Z13-0406 Double bay swing set


Auburn Park Playground

Tema Metropolis, Cosmocar Springer, Speed Gyro, Swings, Ixo Multi-Play

Auburn Park Playground

Ixo Multi-Play and Hip Hop for older children

Auburn Park Playground

Tema Metropolis Multi-Play for younger children

Auburn Park Playground

Double-Bay Swing set including Pod Swing