John Leitch Park

City: Albany Creek
Country: Australia

Site: John Leitch Park, Agnes Road, Albany Creek, QLD

Client: Moreton Bay Regional Council

The playground at John Leitch Park which includes Proludic inclusive play equipment creates a world of fun for children of all abilities. The inclusive Diabolo+ Multi-Play is the main feature of the playground where accessibility for children with reduced motor skills is encouraged by the presence of a ramp, low level floors, ground-based play opportunities and secure steps. The play activities located inside and outside the structure help with the development of gross and fine motor skills, cognitive faculties and provide sensory stimulation. There are multiple easy-access entrances so that accompanying adults can share and encourage play or quickly intervene if needed. Other inclusive play equipment includes a Pod Swing, a Helicopter Springer and a Speed Gyro, these items combine motor coordination and sensory stimulation and develop the sensation of feeling the body move in space.

Play equipment:

  • J38200 Inclusive Diabolo+
  • J2400 Speed Gyro
  • J441 Metal Pod Swing
  • J836 Helicopter


John Leitch Inclusive Playground

John Leitch Inclusive Playground

John Leitch Inclusive Playground

Inclusive Diabolo+ Multi Play