Falling Star "Grafic"

The Falling Star has room for up to four friends to have fun together as they rock gently or vigorously – depending on the game!

Springers are essential play equipment for all children. They stimulate the sense of balance and help children develop motor skills and coordination, as well as providing opportunities for lots of fun! Each springer is ergonomically designed for maximum user comfort and safety. The central panel decorated with Grafic Games promotes further fun and learning.

4 play functions

Swinging x1
To create movement, children must be able to coordinate their arms, legs and vision in a coordinated fashion.
Balancing x1
Balancing involves learning to manage empty space in activities at height, when hanging or on narrow surfaces.
Meeting x1
Playing together, children meet new faces, new behaviors, new personalities, and how to interact.
role play
Role play x1
Role play promotes the child's intellectual and social skills.


Age range: 2+
Number of users: 4 users
FFH : 0.60 m
Size: 0.99 x 0.99 x 0.58 m

Equipment installation

Number of installers: 1
Installation time: 01:00:00
Surface: 9.50 m2
Total weight: 32.40 kg
Weight of the heaviest element: 11.39 kg


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- JXXXX TÜV certification
- JXXXX* Proludic Certification

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