Lauren Mills, Senior Occupational Therapist and Caroline Fowler, Business Manager at St Lucy’s School, Wahroonga, NSW

Play equipment for special needs

“We were looking for strong, safe and durable equipment that would meet our demographics needs. After extensive research we chose the Proludic equipment and have been very pleased with the results, the utilisation of the equipment and its ability to appeal to a large age range and children of varying abilities.” Lauren Mills, Senior Occupational Therapist at St Lucy’s School

“Proludic provided regular updates on project progress and were always available by email and phone to answer any queries the school had. Proludic have a professional installation team that met our deadline, working overtime and employing additional staff to combat weather delays and other projects issues not related to their installation process.” Caroline Fowler, Business Manager, St Lucy’s School

Lauren Mills, Senior Occupational Therapist at St Lucy’s School made the following comments about Proludic’s play equipment:

“This equipment was chosen to increase participation of children with disabilities in typical environments and activities in their local community. By choosing equipment that is also seen in the community we are able to teach children with disabilities the skills necessary to access and participate in activities available to their same age peers in the community. We see play and access to playgrounds as vital to the development and participation of children with disabilities. The equipment we chose not only meets this brief but also helps to increase gross motor development and playskills which are vital in the success of accessing community facilities. A particular success has been the introduction of the two toned softfall. This has allowed us to visually demonstrate the safe area to wait for their turn. All of our students have responded to this and are learning the safe places to walk and wait for their turn on the equipment.”

Lauren Mills, Senior Occupational Therapist at St Lucy’s School made the following comments about Proludic’s individual play items:

J3418 Musical Flowers“The students love spinning, feeling and watching the flowers. They are able to take turns and watch their peers having a turn.”

St_Lucys_Sensory Flowers

 J492 Double Bay Swing Set: “The students are really enjoying having swings in the playground. Children of all abilities are able to enjoy swinging together. This has been a great piece to teach the concept of waiting and being safe to our students.”

St_Lucys_Podswing St_Lucys_Hammock Swing

R34-ETP-000 Square Trampoline: “This has quickly become a favorite item at St Lucy’s for both staff and students.The students take turns jumping on the trampolines and enjoy watching each other jump. Our students are learning to play with each other and the trampoline has allowed them to play cooperatively with their peers without being on the same trampoline.”


IP12 Wheelspin“The students love going on this piece of equipment. Students who typically prefer being by themselves are enjoying playing and having a turn with their peers whilst enjoying a joint task.”


IP16 Butterfly: “This has been a great inclusive piece of equipment for us. We have children who typically need a lot of support, able to lie or sit on this piece with minimal assistance to children who are very agile using it to get a lot of movement which they seek.”


IP413 Chime Quartet: “This piece of equipment has been great for students with weak upper limbs. They have been really motivated to use the beaters to make music and enjoy working cooperatively with their peers and staff to make music together.”

St_Lucys_Chime Quartet

IP305 Fun Reflections: “Many of our children love looking at their reflection and enjoy watching the movement and change in the lights reflection”

St_Lucys_Fun Reflections

Thank you Caroline Fowler and Lauren Mills for your cooperation and a great testimonial.

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