WA – Kwinana All-Inclusive Adventure Park Case Study



Awarded to the City of Kwinana in the 2017 National Awards of Excellence, Parks & Leisure Australia

Kwinana Adventure Park is a fully inclusive purpose-built playspace that allows people of all ages and abilities to use and enjoy the community space together.” The park features elements that reflect the natural environment and includes Proludic’s sensory Sand Factory and Sand Digger, best sellers in Western Australia. This equipment provides a whole world of exploration and creation to children. The Sand Factory includes a wide range of different workstations encouraging the extraction, transportation and moulding of sand. Playing with sand is a stimulating, fun, natural play activity that all children enjoy. This tactile play element is also a source of constant discovery and learning opportunities, particularly for young children who develop their motor skills and enhance their concentration while having fun.

Location: Kwinana Adventure Park, Walgreen Cres, Calista Western Australia 6167

Clients: City of Kwinana ; Josh Byrnes and Associates (Landscape Architect) ; Environmental Industries (Landscape Contractor)

The sand factory equipment and work stations included in the playspace:

  • Sand Digger: to extract and assemble the sand
  • Scales: to balance the sand on one side against the counterbalance of the frog
  • Stencil: to design a frog by placing sand on the stencil and removing the stencil


  • Wagon: to transport the sand from one end to the other end of a platform
  • Conveyor Belt: to transport the sand towards a bucket by turning the handle
  • Rotating mould: place the mould under the funnel in order to fill it


Kwinana Adventure Park was announced WINNER of the Parks & Leisure Australia National Awards for Park of the Year and Playspace Major, at the Awards of Excellence Gala Dinner held on October 24 on the Gold Coast.

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