Urbanix fitness – Mole Valley, UK – Case Study

This fitness playground by our Proludic partners at Mole Valley in the UK contains equipment from the new Urbanix range available from Proludic. The Urbanix fitness range uses Urbanix’ patented hydraulic system that can be set in 8 different positions, just like in a real gym allowing users of different fitness levels to exercise all of the main core muscle groups, as well as undertake cardio-vascular workouts.

Site: Mole Valley UK
Age Range: 14+

Proludic play equipment:

  • R37-UBX-246B Hydraulic Chest Press
  • R37-UBX-215B Hydraulic Leg Press
  • R37-UBX-217B Hydraulic Squat
  • R37-UBX-224B  Chin Up and Dip
  • R37-UBX-290B Hydraulic Rowing Trainer
  • R37-UBX-292B Hydraulic Stepper

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