UK – Adding special FL-AIR to the Fleet Arm Museum – Case Study

Fleet Air Arm Museum Playground

Our Proludic partners in the UK have designed and provided this fantastic bespoke play area for the Royal Navy Fleet Arm Museum in Somerset, England. As one of the leading tourist attractions in the area– this unique play area definitely has the ‘wow’ factor.

Catering for the 2-14 year age ranges, It can accommodate up to 76 users with 63 individual play activities. The opening was attended over 150 people and the play area proved to be a real hit !

The inspiration behind the design was the Queen Elizabeth Class Carrier and Fleet Air Arm themes which created a playful space that is easily recognisable for all. Within this theme, the Proludic design team crafted 4 main custom play equipment items:  The Flight Control Tower, The Ship Control Tower, The F35 Fighter Jet and the Merlin Helicopter. Each piece is unique to the play area and the fleet arm museum, using their current branding and themes.

We have the capabilities of working to clients’ specific needs and brief. The results are a completely special play area tailored specifically to what people want. The Fleet Air Arm museum is a great example of what can be achieved using this design philosophy.

If you have a bespoke project that you want to discuss with Proludic then please contact us and make your dreams a reality!

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