NSW – The Ponds Playground – Case Study

The Ponds Playground

Site: Park 875, The Ponds, NSW
Client: Blacktown City Council
Age Range: from 1 year old to teenage

The playground at The Ponds features a Tema City Multi-Play unit that takes younger children on a journey to an imaginary urban environment. The city never sleeps and there is a constant hive of activity. The products are packed full of play features that are ideal sources of inspiration for role-play games, as well as for the development of fine motor skills. The dominant colours of the blue of the ocean, and the red and yellow of the fire engine, bring life and energy to the playground. Other play equipment to cater for young children and to match the City theme colours includes The Jeep, Cyclo Springer and Star Springer.

Young children can also enjoy swinging sensations (Z15-0402 swing set) as well as spinning sensations (Speed Gyro) while older children can test their balance and limits with more challenging structures (Hip Hop and Aeroskate).

Proludic play equipment:

  • J2581M Aeroskate (metal)
  • J4060 Tema city multiplay
  • Z15-0402 Swing set with standard and baby seat
  • J2410 Hip hop
  • J2400 Speed gyro
  • J856 Star spring rocker
  • J828 Cyclo spring rocker
  • J2614 The jeep

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