NSW – Urbanix at Talloway, Ropes Crossing – Case Study

Talloway Fitness Stations

Getting fitter and stronger with Proludic’s Urbanix and Vitality!

Four fitness stations using Proludic’s Urbanix Real Outdoor Gym Equipment and Vitality equipment provide a fitness trail at Talloway Village in Ropes Crossing. The Urbanix patented hydraulic system can be set in 8 different positions, just like in a real gym. This enables people of different fitness levels to exercise at their own pace and to progress the difficulty as their fitness improves. A small playground has also been provided.

Site: Talloway Village, Ropes Crossing, NSW
Client: Blacktown City Council

Age Range for Fitness Equipment: 14+
Age Range for Play Equipment: 1+

Proludic play equipment:

  • R37-UBX-217 Hydraulic Squat
  • R37-UBX-247 Hydraulic Shoulder Press
  • R37-UBX-292 Hydraulic Stepper
  • R37-UBX-223 Ab Bench
  • R37-UBX-224 Chin Up and Dip
  • J3723 Double Horizontal Bars
  • J3724 Parallel Bars
  • J3726 Scale of Suspension
  • J3727 Single Hedge
  • J3730 Tummy Tightening
  • J3754 Armrests
  • J11 Balancing Tube
  • J847 Spacebike Springer
  • Z15-0402 Large Swings

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