Sport-themed playground, Geispolsheim, France – Case Study

Geispolsheim sport-themed playground

Our Proludic partners in France (in collaboration with their distributor Pontiggia) designed and provided a custom sport-themed playground to Geispolsheim municipality in north-eastern France. The playground is located in the middle of a large sports complex which is the Town’s pride and joy. Sport is an important part of this town of 7,300 inhabitants which counts more than 15 sport associations, and the idea to develop a sport-themed play area came naturally. Local officials were very pleased with Proludic’s proposal and its ability to design a bespoke playground which made the company stand out from its competitors.

Geispolsheim sport-themed playground

Geispolsheim sport-themed playground

The impressive two-tower play structure was decorated with custom graphics representing sport athletes’ figures: a basketball player and a dancer on one side of the tower, a fencer on the other side and more athletes for children to discover. Proludic used its unique award-winning Grafic Games technique to apply these special graphics to the panels. The structure includes 3 slides – 2 tube slides and 1 open kayak slide – a bridge connecting the two towers, a fireman’s pole, climbing elements and more for lots of fun!

The play area includes an inclusive Diabolo Multi-Play also decorated with custom sport-themed graphics encouraging role play and story telling. An accessible ramp allows access for wheelchairs into the heart of the structure. The numerous play panels are accessible to children of all abilities and test children’s problem solving skills. There is plenty of room for carers to assist.

Many more play items for all ages and abilities were added to the playground: a City Bus personalised with the Town’s name, a Train, Swings, Trampolines, multiple Play Panels, Talk Tubes, a Playhouse, a Pyramid Net, a Cableway, a Football Table and more…

The playground is a real success with positive feedback received from both officials and the community. It attracts many families from the surrounding communities.

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