WA – Seabreeze Estate, Waikiki – Case Study

Seabreeze Estate, Waikiki is a new residential development located near the beach and close to the town of Rockingham in Western Australia. The public open spaces are welcoming to families and capture the character of the coastal location. A large playground, open areas for ball games and bicycle pathways provide recreational opportunities that foster a healthy lifestyle.

The playground has been designed to encourage natural and imaginative play activities. Children can explore ‘semi – wild’ spaces formed by clumps of Grass Trees in areas with boulders and tree trunks. The playground is in the centre of the public park and includes Proludic play equipment (a Kanope multi-play unit, the Sand Factory and sand Digger), a custom designed shelter and park furniture.

A nice review on this playground can be read HERE on the “Buggy Buddies” website, a family guide to Parks and Playgrounds in Perth area.

Site: Seabreeze Estate, Waikiki, WA

Landscape Architect: UDLA – Landscape Contractor: LD Total – Developer: LandCorp

Age Range: 2+

Date Opened: March 2014

Proludic play equipment:

Seabreeze Estate Case Study – Please download for more information on the project

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