SA – St Clair Precinct 5 Playground Case Study

St Clair Precinct 5 Playground

We have provided an adventure playground for all ages to St Clair, a fresh new real estate development in the suburbs of St Clair and Cheltenham, only 8km west of the Adelaide city centre. The play equipment includes an Ixo Multi Play and a Dynamo Nebula Flux Net for older children, a Diabolo Adventure Multi-Play, Tournicolo, Climbing Hut, Swings and more equipment for younger children. The playground is an ideal place for children to practice balance, coordination and develop their physical skills whilst having lots of fun.

Site: St Clair Precinct 5, Stallion Drive, St Clair, South Australia.

Clients: Outerspace Landscape Architects, Consolidated Landscape Services (Landscape Contractor), Av Jennings (Developer)

Age Range: From 1 year old

Date Opened: August 2016

Play equipment:

  • J2523M Ixo Multi-Play
  • J38504 Diabolo Adventure
  • J985 Tree Frogs See Saw
  • J254 Climbing Hut
  • J2401 Tournicolo
  • J843 Melvin the Monkey Springer
  • J2614 The Jeep
  • J3413 The Explorer Play Panel
  • J454 Swings
  • J3960 Junior Swing
  • DX-930 Dynamo Nebula Flux Net

Site Location:


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