SA – Giant Amazone Tower at Hilltop Playground – Case Study

Hill Top Playground

The Unley Oval hilltop playground has been upgraded with an exciting Amazone themed playground tower! The City of Unley had identified the need to upgrade the old Unley Oval hilltop playground in this iconic location that offers “superior views across the Unley Oval complex and Adelaide Hills.”

Site: Hilltop Playground, Unley Oval, South Australia
Client: City of Unley
Age Range: from 3 years old

Following the community consultation, a jungle theme for the new play area was identified. Other features identified included “climbing equipment, natural play elements that promote calculated risk-taking, a building or hut, equipment to encourage fitness for all ages, making the most of the mound and the view, maximising the use of existing natural shade…” The playground design was to “integrate play equipment suitable for ages 5-12 years, with unique and interesting natural elements”.

Proludic’s design featuring a Giant Amazone Tower fulfilled the design objectives as well as the design principles outlined in the brief in terms of “local context, functionality, safety, diversity, adaptability, sustainability and accessibility” and was selected by the City.

Hill Top Playground

Amazone jungle-themed tower playground

The Giant Amazone Tower is covered with graphics replicating lush, savage vegetation, exotic animals and sacred totems that plunge children into a complete change of scenery where the environment is transformed into a tropical jungle. Proludic’s unique award-winning Grafic Games technique was used to apply the graphics to the panels of the structure. The tower features a small Kayak slide for young children and a 3 metre high tube slide for older and adventurous children. The top of the tower gives children a commanding view over the Oval through the two “tribal owl eyes” and a space above the action.


Incorporating natural play elements was an important part of the design, a Proludic Origin’ nature trail was added to the playground to provide opportunities for children to develop their motor skills, balance and concentration. The playground also includes Proludic’s fun and dynamic Hip Hop.


Site location:

Hill Top Playground map


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