QLD – Jack Pyle Park Urbanix Fitness, Brisbane – Case Study

Jack Pyle Park

The new Proludic Urbanix Fitness Trail at Jack Pyle Park provides the opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to get healthy and active whilst enjoying the outdoors in their local area. The various Fitness stations placed alongside the path enable people to perform cardio, strength, mobility and flexibility exercises. 

Site: Jack Pyle Park, Green Avenue, Sunnybank Hills, QLD 4670
Client: Brisbane City Council
Age Range: from 14 years old

Watch below our Urbanix Fitness equipment in action at Jack Pyle Park:


User Controlled Hydraulic Piston – adjustable resistance

Jack Pyle Park includes Urbanix Hydraulic fitness equipment for both upper body and lower body resistance training. The unique, patented piston allows users to progress their workouts by varying the resistance to suit all abilities. There are 8 levels of resistance, giving users a controlled workout which is similar to the types of exercises that can be undertaken at indoor gym facilities. The bi-directional piston action allows training of opposing muscles in a single exercise. The hydraulic piston is equipped with a unique Safestop™ Stopper mechanism, an automatic braking system for maximum safety. 

Other Urbanix Fitness equipment – cardio and flexibility

The Urbanix Velo Spinning Bicycle and the Urbanix Cross Trainer provide impact-free cardio workouts, from low to high intensity, to help improve cardiovascular capacity, burn calories and keep the body in tip top shape. The Urbanix Pendulum & Hip Twister is a great exercise to improve the core muscles whilst working on mobility and flexibility. The Abs Bench develops abdominal muscles with its ergonomically designed frame to conform to the back.


The ergonomic design of the Urbanix equipment enables easy access for people with reduced mobility. Exercise activity instruction plates are incorporated into each unit and include QR codes that link to instructional videos.

Suitable for users aged 14 years to 99 years, Proludic Urbanix is a great solution to suit all ages and abilities. It is suitable for all environments and climates, inclusive, certified to current standards and uses latest technologies to ensure optimum safety for users. 


Site location:

Jack Pyle map

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