Proludic’s unique and custom Towers

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Do you want to create a playspace with a true WOW factor? Our Towers will be sure to draw crowds of excited children and their families, inviting them to challenge their skills and inspire their imaginations!

Proludic’s large-scale multi-purpose Towers are immediately identifiable thanks to their height, original design and characteristics. With their impressive size, majestic combinations of shapes (square, octagonal or cross-shaped), colours and rich details these towers take children into an imaginary world, opening up multiple opportunities for play and fantasy stories. Their dimensions and the various elements make them a truly intergenerational item of play equipment where parents and children can share the same play activities. Proludic Towers are available in 3 key themes that form strong links in the minds of children: AdventureMetropolis and Medieval.

Did you know that we are able to create CUSTOM TOWERS in accordance with your own design ideas? We can also use our award-winning Grafic Games technique to provide a Tower with a specific decorative finish to ensure your playground is unique. Our possibilities are endless! Here are some examples of Proludic projects for unique & custom Towers and some of our design concepts  (click on each individual image to view in full size):


Discover below our standard range of Proludic’s Adventure themed Towers. With the Adventure Towers, children soon turn into explorers, real modern-day heroes in the footsteps of Indiana Jones.
The big towers are Mayan relics or sacred totems representing animals or mythical creatures.

To view the details of our Adventure Towers and the full range of our Adventure themed play equipment, click here.


Discover below our standard range of Proludic’s Metropolis themed Towers. Metropolis is the city of the future, in which ultra-modern architecture mingles with mechanical elements of a bygone age. The portholes, propellers, periscopes, gears, etc., provide strong visual effects that give full rein to creative imaginations. The big towers turn into laboratories for exploration, time machines or modern-day vessels.

To view the details of our Metropolis Towers and the full range of our Metropolis themed play equipment, click here.


Discover below our standard range of Proludic’s Medieval themed Towers. The Medieval theme with its tall towers conjures up a wonderful imaginary land where knights and princesses play the key roles.

To view the details of our Medieval Towers and the full range of our Medieval themed play equipment, click here.


Watch a video of our giant Medieval Castle Tower at Princess Elizabeth Park in Adelaide, SA:

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