Orange-Les-Vignes Shopping Centre, France – A play area dedicated to nature and animals

Orange Les Vignes Shopping Centre Playground

Our Proludic partners in France have created a fantastic play area for Orange-Les-Vignes Shopping Centre, in southeastern France. This exciting and modern playground provides families with great entertainment opportunities and a unique shopping experience.

The company that manages Orange-Les-Vignes shopping centre and its investors wanted to find a way to attract visitors and gain customer loyalty. The idea was to add visual and dimensional appeal to this fun 460m2 space situated between two buildings in order to entice the general public into the shopping centre and let people discover not only a place to shop but also a place that is full of life.


Orange Les Vignes Shopping Centre Playground

Orange Les Vignes Shopping Centre Playground

Proludic stood out from its competitors by designing a bespoke play area dedicated to nature and animals: a playground with a specific identity and made up of multiple activities that cater for different age groups.

The playground includes the following areas:

  • The Birdhouse – a play space for the very young (3 to 6 years)
    A structure made up of multi-play equipment including play houses set at odd angles, two slides, a balancing trail, a tunnel and a climbing slope.

    An imposing silhouette of a frog decorates one of the slides while several customised Grafic Games panels bring the play area’s bird theme to life.


  • The Jungle – a play space for older children (from the age of 6)
    A structure made up of multi-play equipment comprising two tall Adventure Treehouse Towers (J2688) connected by a net tunnel, a tube slide and various access paths that encourage children to become real acrobats. Look out for the panther, squirrels or cheeky monkey!


  • There is also complementary and inclusive play equipment positioned around the play area: Springers in the shape of insects, Swings (standard swing seats, Pod seats, hammocks) turned into trees on which butterflies sit, a Tubophone (Talk Tubes), Sensory Flowers, Trampolines, and more…


To make the play area even more exciting, an interactive game was positioned at the entrance of the playground. The game invites children to find ‘code-breaking machines’ hidden throughout the shopping centre in order to discover clues and solve a riddle.

The playground’s theme is also reflected on the safety surfacing with very bright colours, raised effects that add to the area’s appeal and several nature-and-jungle-inspired motifs. To take the theme even further, the bins were turned into frogs.

The play area was officially opened on 11 April, 2018. It has since become a very popular location with children and parents, who like to take a fun-packed break from their shopping.

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