NT – Bakewell Primary School Playground Case Study

Bakewell Primary School Playground

Encouraging physical exercise in a fun environment was the aim of the playground renewal at Bakewell Primary School in the Northern Territory. The new playground gets the children moving without them even realising it!

The playground equipment forms a challenging trail and includes a large “Ixo” J2568M climbing structure and “Pyramid Net” J4807 for older children, and a “Basic Junior” J1662M climbing unit for younger children. These Proludic structures provide students with a wide variety of activities to stimulate motor functions including climbing, sliding, hanging, balancing and rotating, allowing children to progress their physical skills over time as they go higher and faster!
Physical activities also help children develop their cognitive skills; attention levels are greatly improved as are capacities for reasoning, analysis and risk evaluation. When used during free play time, the playground equipment stimulates children’s imagination and creative thinking as it allows the children to invent their own play rules.

The Proludic play equipment at Bakewell Primary School is ideal for groups of children playing together as the design of the play equipment enables interactions between students who are therefore encouraged to communicate and socialise.

Apart from free play activities during recess time, teachers with a defined learning objective are also able to direct the children to use the play equipment in specific ways during physical exercise classes. In this way the fundamental movement skills program can be further developed for the benefit of children’s development and growth.

As part of the school’s ongoing improvements, a new playground was also provided for Transition Year children in a different area, which includes an exciting Kanopé Multi-Play unit J5605 (with polyester slide) from Proludic’s new Kanopé range. This is a fantastic playground for the younger students at Bakewell Primary School!

This project was provided by our Proludic Northern Territory distributor, NT Sports & Playground Surfacing.New tab




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