NSW – Mona Vale Village Park Playground Case Study

Mona Vale Village Park Playground

Mona Vale Village Park playground on Sydney’s Northern Beaches has been upgraded with a wild-life themed design. Designed in consultation with Mona Vale Public School the playground features Proludic play equipment for all ages and abilities including our award-winning Kanopé range.

Site: Mona Vale Village Park, 1A Park St, Mona Vale NSW 2103
Client: Northern Beaches Council
Age Range: from 1 year old

Mona Vale Village Park Playground

Mona Vale Village Park Playground

Inspired by nature, the Kanopé Multi-Play (J5605) engages children of all ages in fun, imaginative and active play. Using curved lines and organic shapes, this modular range is safe, robust and durable. Attractive design elements include green arched posts that simulate wild-grass leaves blowing in the breeze and fun leaf and bird shaped cut-outs. The Kanopé equipment combines a modern aspect with natural inspirations and fits in both nature play and urban environments. Under the canopy, children will be able to discover new and innovative play elements such as the Wombat Tunnel (rope tunnel), the Firefly Hut (cubby with play panels), the Greenfly Net (vertical climbing net), the Rising Sun Staircase (accessible climb access), the Chicks Ramp (inclined ramp), the Small Waterfall (traditional slide)… CLICK HERE to view our Kanopé range.


The Adventure Multi-Play (J4061) transports younger children into the leafy undergrowth of a jungle environment. Along the way they will come in contact with a whole host of wonderful wild animals and present an ideal opportunity for storytelling and stimulating the imagination. The structure is full of design features and play functions to stimulate the senses. The play items are an ideal all-in-one play solution that optimises the use of space. The young explorers continue the fun adventure with the Swinging Bridge (J2613), Adventure Jeep (J2614),  Rainbow Harp (R34-FIECOCH), Tubophones (J3410), Falling Star (J839-GG) and Porky (J841-GA) Springers with Grafic Games, Play House and Swings (J497).

Comments by Barbara Stack, Reserves & Recreation Project Officer at Northern Beaches:

“Thank you for providing us with another truly fun playground at Village Park Mona Vale. 

The service that Proludic offer in terms of design, installation and particularly after care is of a consistently high standard. We value Proludic’s commitment to providing innovative play equipment that is robust in its construction and has a unique design aesthetic that appeals to children and adults alike.

The Sydney office provide well thought out design layouts when Council requires that input and continue to provide a diversity of play experiences for children of a range of ages and abilities. 

Council has found their inclusive design guide and detailed research and development into improving inclusive play experiences a valuable resource. Myself and my colleagues find the staff  a pleasure to deal with and are very knowledgeable from the design phase to onsite installation.”

Site location:

Village Park map

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