NSW – Alex Bell Park Inclusive Playspace – Pirate Park

Alex Bell Park Inclusive Playspace

Site: Alex Bell Park, Riverside Drive, South Grafton NSW 2460
Client: Clarence Valley Council
Age Range: from 1 year old
Opened: May 2019

Alex Bell Park, known as “Pirate Park”, has been revived with a brand new inclusive pirate-themed playground. Featuring a bespoke pirate ship, ocean-themed springers, talk tubes and more, the playspace inspires story-telling and imaginative play.

Alex Bell Park Inclusive Playspace

With the help of the ‘Everyone Can Play Grant‘ funding, Clarence Valley Council has redeveloped Alex Bell Park to improve the play experience of the space and make it more inclusive. The key improvements that were proposed in the concept plan included:

  • “provide a range of play experiences and cater to a range of age groups through active, imaginative, creative, social, quiet and free play;
  • connect the playground to the amenities building with a universally accessible path;
  • create play spaces that add value to the community and strengthen the sense of place while keeping with the current pirate theme of the park and its unofficial name ‘Pirate Park’.”

Proludic was engaged by Council to supply and install the play equipment. We met the design requirements by proposing an original pirate-themed playground that provides challenging, imaginative, inclusive and social play opportunities for children aged 1 to 12 years old.

The main feature of the playspace is Proludic’s custom Pirate Ship. Our ‘Keo the Shipwreck’ (J2755-M) has been customised with special colours (charcoal, red and timber look) and special panels including a skull and crossbones to align with the pirate theme of the park. A Captain’s Cabin with the same matching colours has been added between the Bow and the Stern of the ship. Ahoy, Me Hearties! Jump aboard and set sail for a world of fun adventures! The Pirate Ship is equipped with numerous playful elements designed to develop motor and fine motor skills, and provide role-play opportunities to children from 2 years old.

Proludic’s Seahorse Springer (J854-GA) and Frankie the Fish Springer (J821-GG) provide a link to the ocean theme of the park. With their playful and creative colours, they are designed to stimulate younger children’s imagination whilst giving them great rocking sensations. Both springers include graphics using our unique Grafic Games technique.

Inclusive play equipment including the Tuboflowers (J3410 custom flower-shaped Talk Tubes), Rainbow Harp (R34-FIECOCH) and Tricolour Drums (R34-FIMUBON6) placed along the accessible pathway, provide interactive play experiences, stimulate children’s auditory perception and encourage interaction between children. The Inclusive Double Tournicoti Carousel (J2404) and the three-bay swing set (J493) with a selection of seats provide sensory and motor stimulation and include supportive features which help children feel secure while playing.

The Ixo Multiplay (J2537-M) gets older children and pre-teens moving without them even realising! The play equipment provides opportunities for climbing, sliding and creative play, and, most importantly, is lots of fun!  The elevated platform allows children to enjoy the feeling of height, whilst the Speed Slide allows for a whole new way of sliding!

Alex Bell Park Inclusive Playspace



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