QLD – The Big Dam, Mt Morgan, Multi-Generational Play Area Case Study

The Big Dam Playground

Site: The Big Dam, William Street, Mt Morgan QLD
Client: Rockhampton Regional Council
Age Range: All

The Big Dam, Mount Morgan near Rockhampton is an example of a multi-generational play area where people of all ages can meet together to have fun, exercise, relax and enjoy themselves. Creating a multi-generational play area involves organising the available space with play, sports and activity zones that are clearly identified, and yet close enough together to encourage communication and interaction between different groups of people. Proludic’s play and sport equipment at The Big Dam Playground encourages playful activities for toddlers, children, teenagers and adults

“The play equipment at the Big Dam in Mount Morgan is frequently used and thoroughly enjoyed by many local residents and visitors to the area. Not only is it great to look at, but it’s very functional ensuring that kids have fun and their families can rest assured knowing that it’s safe and constructed to Australian standards.

Proludic were a good company to work with; they were punctual and communicated regularly with Council’s project manager throughout the project.”

Evan Pardon, CEO Rockhampton Regional Council. Click here to view the testimonial.

Photo Gallery:

Proludic’s Diabolo, Ixo and Biibox play equipment for younger and older children has been provided within an attractive fenced area next to the dam. 

Vitality Fitness equipment is located adjacent to the playground to encourage teenagers and adults to exercise in a social setting whilst still being able to interact with the children in the playground. A skate park and half-basketball court are also located close by.


QLD_BigDam_CaseStudy – Please download for more information on the project

Proludic play equipment:

  • J45208 Biibox
  • J2523M Ixo
  • J254 Climbing hut
  • z11-0401 Swingset with 1 standard & 1 toddler seat
  • J2400 Gyrospeed
  • J2604 Calypso
  • J3501 Rodeoboard
  • J3603 Rotatwin
  • J3825 Diabolo
  • J3403 Play table
  • J3404 Maze
  • J441 Metal pod swing
  • J3723 Horizontal Bars
  • J3730 Tummy Tightening
  • J3701 Rowing Machine
  • J3702 Bike


Site location:

Big Dam map

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