Noreuil Park Outdoor Fitness Zone has been designed to meet the fitness needs of all ages and ability levels, by providing a mix of both hydraulic resistance and body-weight activities.

Site: Noreuil Park Outdoor Fitness Zone, Noreuil Parade, South Albury NSW 2640 
Client: Albury City Council
Age Range: from 14 years
Date Opened: September 2017

Situated in a beautiful setting with views of the Murray River, the Noreuil Park Outdoor Fitness Zone has quickly become a popular attraction for dedicated athletes and casual exercisers alike.

Proludic provided the 14 fitness items which include fully-adjustable outdoor gym equipment from our Urbanix Fitness range and static equipment from our Metal Trail Fitness range. The various fitness equipment enables people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels to exercise all of the core muscle groups as well as undertake cardio-vascular workouts – in a fun and enjoyable environment!

The Urbanix Fitness items featured in the park provide great opportunities for full body resistance training and cardio training. Thanks to the patented hydraulic piston technology with eight levels of adjustable resistance, people of various fitness abilities are able to control and progress their workout as their fitness improves.

  • Urbanix Hydraulic Stepper (R37-UBX-292): the 2 hydraulic pistons provide maximum resistance and a smooth range of motion, to help burn calories fast as well as target the legs and buttocks;
  • Urbanix Hydraulic Bench Press (R37-UBX-293): provides a chest, upper back and arm workout from a horizontal position. It features a wide comfortable bench and foot rest, assuring a full range of motion. Ideal for body toning and definition;
  • Urbanix Hydraulic Rowing Trainer (R37-UBX-290): is designed to work the back, in particular the upper back, the shoulders and the upper arms. This machine is usable for a wide range of exercises. Different grips work more specific muscle groups;
  • Urbanix Hydraulic Leg Press (R37-UBX-215): works all the leg muscles by varying foot placement on the platform. The seat moves with the user as they go through their workout, providing a smooth range of motion with its innovative hydraulic system.
  • Urbanix Hydraulic Butterfly (R37-UBX-208):  specifically targets the chest muscles for strength and definition. The bi-directional hydraulic piston enables a smooth range of movement, with the user able to increase the levels of resistance as their fitness improves;
  • Urbanix Hydraulic High Pulley (R37-UBX-248): for an effective exercise in working the chest and back muscles, this item utilizes a bi-directional piston for maximum results, helping develop strength and definition in the chest and back muscle groups;
  • Urbanix Hydraulic Hip Twister (R37-UBX-258): is designed to tone oblique (torso) muscles and improve the flexibility and range of motion of the hips and waist;
  • Urbanix Abs Bench (R37-UBX-223): provides a safe, ergonomically designed platform for users to undertake sit ups that help develop abdominal muscles for a strong torso. Various abdominal exercises can be executed with this piece of equipment.

Other Urbanix equipment in the fitness zone includes:

  • Urbanix Hydraulic Squat (R37-UBX-217): provides a targeted workout for the buttocks and thigh muscles. With a wide movement span range, this machine offers both full sit, stand, squat and hamstring exercises;
  • Urbanix Hydraulic Arm Curl (R37-UBX-255): provides a dual functionality in one workout. Its designed to work the biceps and triceps, ideal for arm development and strength training. The non-slip curl bars provide users with optimum positioning for an effective workout;
  • Urbanix Hydraulic Triceps Press (R37-UBX-244): utilizes a bi-directional system to work two different muscle groups – the triceps and biceps. The large non-slip dips down bars are pitched at an optimum workout angle for back arm presses and shoulder shrugs.

The Metal Trail Fitness equipment featured in the park helps people develop their strength, endurance and balance with the use of their own body weight. The items include Horizontal Bars, Parallel Bars and Tummy Tightening Bars. Exercises that can be performed include pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, push-ups, leg raises and more…!

Following the positive feedback received from the community and the high usage of this park, Albury City Council decided to undertake a similar outdoor fitness project in 2019 at East Albury Outdoor Fitness Zones.

Our new Sport and Fitness products for 2020 are featured in another outdoor fitness project for City of Albury: Thurgoona Outdoor Fitness Zones.

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