Article published on 31 July 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of physical activity in maintaining our health and wellbeing. Proludic’s sport and fitness equipment provides the ideal solution for helping people get active outdoors. Find out more!

Proludic Sport and Fitness



Urbanix Fitness is real gym equipment that enables cardio, strength and flexibility workouts. The patented hydraulic piston technology with eight levels of adjustable resistance allows people of different fitness levels to control and progress their workout.

The ergonomic design enables easy access for people with reduced mobility. Instruction plates with video links ease use. New features include recharge units with an inbuilt weatherproof USB port.

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Proludic Sport and Fitness



Street Workout is an urban sport combining muscle building and gymnastics with a series of strength, suppleness and balance exercises on bars at different heights. Its simplicity means that it’s accessible to all.

Our modular Street Workout equipment is designed to be inclusive and multi-generational. Updated in 2020 it can be customised to create bespoke combinations.

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Proludic Sport and Fitness



Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs) host a wide variety of ball games in one location. They are a fantastic place for people of all ages and abilities to meet and have fun together while getting fit.

Our Multi-Use Games Areas have been upgraded with ultra-strong aluminium fencing. A new connection system allows for the design of custom units and linking with other equipment such as Street Workout to create a multi-functional sports and fitness area. Additional customisations are available including fencing colours, engraved panels, or panels with bespoke ‘Grafic Games‘ artwork.

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Proludic Sport and Fitness


Individual items that support the playing of ball games can be installed in a multitude of locations to facilitate fun and physical activity. Ball games are universally enjoyed by all ages and are a great way to encourage fitness, physical skill and cognitive abilities.

Table Tennis tables, basketball hoops and ball skill games increase the fun in any play or sports area. 

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Proludic Sport and Fitness



Inground trampolines are a fantastic and fun way to inspire joyful movement and activity. Jumping on a trampoline activates muscles in the body and can help improve endurance, balance, rhythm and coordination.

With the award-winning Proludic Inclusive Trampoline, everyone can enjoy the bouncing movement and have fun – not just the kids.

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Proludic Sport and Fitness


Our new Sport and Fitness products for 2020 will be featured in the next outdoor fitness project for City of Albury: Thurgoona Outdoor Fitness Zones. Stay tuned!

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