Be prepared and keep your community healthy!

Proludic’s recommendations will help you reopen and use your local playgrounds safely under COVID-19 restrictions.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives. It’s even dictated how children play in their local playgrounds. As playground owners, you have the ultimate responsibility for maintaining your play equipment and for managing how your local community interacts with it. By making sure you address all necessary health and safety issues, you can support community health and once again invite families to enjoy a safe and secure play environment.

So everyone can have fun and stay safe, our team of playground specialists has some practical recommendations for the re-opening and use of your playgrounds during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please note:  We’ve designed our recommendations to complement the official guidelines of Federal, State and Local Governments.

Please visit the Australian Government Department of Health website for fact sheets about coronavirus (COVID-19):

Cleaning and Maintenance

Following a long shut-down period, it’s essential that the entire play area is checked before reopening. It’s likely your play and sports equipment will need thorough cleaning and maintenance.

  • Begin by inspecting all the play equipment to make sure it’s in good working order.
  • If repairs are needed, coordinate all necessary maintenance. To ensure safety, block public access to the equipment while the work is being done.
  • The next step is to thoroughly clean all surfaces on play and sports structures.

For more detailed information on the upkeep and maintenance of your Proludic products, please consult our online Maintenance Guide.

Need more help? Feel free to contact your usual Proludic team member. They’ll be happy to put you in touch with a maintenance technician.

Do you need to disinfect your equipment?

Due to the nature of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, members of the community may be worried about whether their local play equipment is safe to use. To provide them with reassurance and reduce the risk of contamination, we recommend you disinfect all play equipment before opening your playgrounds to the public.

Proludic equipment is hard-wearing and made of material which is resistant to chemical and domestic viricidal disinfectant products. By following our recommendations, you can safely apply disinfectant products without damaging the Proludic play equipment in your playgrounds.

Coloured panels: HPL, compact composite material
The HPL (High Pressure Laminate) panels have a hard, non-porous surface providing excellent resistance to chemical products.

Stainless Steel Tubes
These are naturally resistant to chemicals, due to the outer layer of chrome oxide coating.

Plastic components
Use only diluted disinfectant products (favour products with a pH below 11). Do not use detergent or products combining disinfectant with detergent.

Where to disinfect?

No doubt your most popular local playgrounds come in for some heavy ‘hands-on’ use!

Using the appropriate disinfectant, we recommend you focus on hand-rails, climbing panels and on all play elements located within easy reach of children.

Please note: For the best results, we suggest you contact your disinfectant supplier and carefully follow their application instructions.

Information for playground users

Play is crucial for children’s physical, intellectual and social well-being. Following a lock-down period, when many families may have found themselves confined to the home, children are once again discovering the joy of playing in their favourite playspace. There’s no substitute for that feeling of freedom when kids can run and jump, enjoy the outdoors, take on physical challenges and share happy moments with their friends.

To encourage a safe return to playspaces, we recommend you remind parents and carers that:

  • the use of play equipment falls under their responsibility
  • they should respect all public health recommendations and support the safe and healthy use of their local play equipment.

7 Good Practices for playground use

To keep everyone safe while they use your playgrounds, we suggest the public should take the following steps:

1/ Follow all health recommendations
To protect everybody at the playground, every adult and child should follow the national and local area health recommendations.

2/ Encourage ‘taking turns’
Sharing the fun on the most popular pieces of play equipment means taking turns. Accompanying adults should make sure that play equipment is freed-up after 10 minutes. This allows all children to have a go. Ideally, carers should encourage children to play on the equipment that is free, to be patient and wait their turn.

3/ Manage traffic flow
To avoid physical contact and ensure social distancing, we suggest carers support a clock-wise traffic flow.

4/ Maintain social distancing
Everyone present in a play, sports or fitness area, whether they’re an adult or a child, must adhere to the social distancing measures applicable in your area.

5/ Follow safe hygiene practices
Disinfect children’s hands before and after each turn on the play equipment.

6/ Public facilities and access to hand-washing facilities
In case toilet facilities and drinking fountains are temporarily unavailable, notify the visitors to your play areas so they’re prepared.

7/ Group and contact sports/sharing of personal belongings
To avoid physical contact and the increased risk of contamination, ball games and other games involving contact should be discouraged. So too should the lending or borrowing of toys, or any other personal belongings.

Download our information poster and place it at the entrance to your playgrounds

Download and print out our « 7 Steps to having fun safely » poster and place it in your playgrounds!

Our poster gives clear and practical advice to help reassure carers, and allow children and families to enjoy playgrounds safely.

Before printing, remember to customise your poster for each play area. We’ve left a space for you to complete the ‘recommended maximum number of children allowed’ section.

As a quick reference, consult our “Number of Players Guidelines“. These have been developed for each piece of Proludic equipment. Specifically adapted to the current COVID-19 health situation, this handy reference list of Proludic play equipment helps you calculate the maximum number of children recommended for your playground.

We suggest you follow these steps:

1/ First, download the guidelines;
2/ Identify the equipment included in your playground;
3/ Add together the maximum number of children recommended for each piece of play equipment. This will give you the maximum number of children allowable for your playground;
4/ Double-check that the calculation of the maximum number of children allowable does not exceed local health authority recommendations for gathering;
5/ Fill-in the ‘recommended maximum number of children allowed’ on the poster;
6/ You may then want to laminate the poster before placing it securely near the entrance to your playground.

Need more advice?

If you have any questions about these guidelines or calculating the maximum number of children recommended for each Proludic playground, we’re here to help. Please feel free to contact us on 1300 800 181 or at