COVID-19 recommendations for playgrounds

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Be prepared and keep your community healthy!

Proludic’s recommendations will help you reopen and use your local playgrounds safely under COVID-19 restrictions.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives. It’s even dictated how children play in their local playgrounds. As playground owners, you have the ultimate responsibility for maintaining your play equipment and for managing how your local community interacts with it. By making sure you address all necessary health and safety issues, you can support community health and once again invite families to enjoy a safe and secure play environment.

So everyone can have fun and stay safe, our team of playground specialists has some practical recommendations for the re-opening and use of your playgrounds during the COVID-19 pandemic.

• Our recommendations:

  • Cleaning and Maintenance of play and sports equipment;
  • Information for playground users;
  • 7 Good Practices for playground use.

Click HERE to learn more about our recommendations.

• Our tools:

  • We have created a poster to place in your playgrounds
  • We have recalculated the number of children recommended for each item of Proludic play equipment

Our poster gives clear and practical advice to help reassure carers, and allow children and families to enjoy playgrounds safely.

Download and print out our « 7 Steps to having fun safely » poster

  • Before printing, remember to customise your poster for each play area;
  • We’ve left a space for you to complete the ‘recommended maximum number of children allowed’ section;
  • Consult our “Number of Players Guidelines, a handy reference list of Proludic Play equipment to help you calculate the maximum number of children recommended for your playground.

For more details please click HERE.