Proludic creates a spectacular play space for the Alma Shopping Centre (Portugal)

[VIDEO] See images of the play area (time lapse)

The Alma Shopping Centre is a vibrant retail centre located in Coimbra, in the central west part of Portugal. The centre managers were ambitious to continue developing the shopping centre and explore new ways to increase its attractiveness for both visitors and retailers. They also wanted to stand out from other comparable shopping centres in the region.

To meet these objectives, they chose to commission the creation of a spectacular play area, to be installed inside the shopping arcade. The project was assigned to Proludic for creation and installation.

The dynamic play space includes:

  • A surface area of 190 m²
  • Four painted steel rings – three of these rings are interlocked vertically and one stands by itself on the ground.
  • Each ring is a play space in itself, catering for a different age range and encouraging enjoyable, fun activities.

The unique feature of this play area is that it integrates perfectly into the structure of the shopping centre

The most spectacular ring, starting at 3.50 metres above the ground and reaching almost 10 metres in height, is partially transparent and encircles one of the centre’s main footbridges. This newly implemented playful link between the two floors of the shopping centre unites visitors, adding to the customer experience.

The creation of this original and ambitious play space showcases the remarkable expertise of the Proludic teams.

The play space was opened at the end of 2019. It has proven to be a great success for all – a positive outcome for the client, the retailers and visitors to the centre.

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