Improving health and wellbeing through outdoor fitness parks

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) obesity has become one of the most neglected health problems in the western world.

It has continued to increase at alarming rates with each generation, along with the associated health problems it brings.

In Australia, more than a third (36%) aged 15 and over do very little or no exercise at all. Physical inactivity causes an estimated 16,000 premature deaths a year and costs the Australian economy $805 million annually. Adults who participate in sport are 20–40% less likely to die prematurely from all causes compared with non-participants. (data fromParks and Leisure Australia Advocacy Messages (2019)”).

As a result of this, the need to encourage regular physical activity is of more and more importance for the health and wellbeing of the nation.


Noreuil Park Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor fitness park

Research shows that more and more people prefer to engage in outdoor workouts or activity so they can enjoy the fresh air. This exposure to fresh air, natural environments and sunlight increases levels of Vitamin D, helps boost serotonin and post exercise endorphins levels, making outdoor fitness parks even more popular.

Besides the physical benefits of exercising outside, outdoor fitness areas make exercise accessible, affordable, social and more enjoyable. Outdoor fitness parks have also been found to benefit an individual’s mental health and community wellness for people of all ages. It is also well documented that a link exists between improved health outcomes and the amount of surrounding ‘green space’ that an individual can immerse themselves within (more information in the “Parks and Leisure Australia Health and Well-being Position Paper (2019)“). Behavioural outcomes include increased environmentally reponsible behaviours.

With the popularity of Outdoor Gyms in Australia growing over the last decade, this has given new opportunities to many communities to have access to free gym equipment and exercise parks.

At Proludic we are committed to providing integrated play, fitness & sports opportunities that encourage all ages to be more active. We strive to make a difference by providing engaging solutions that have the potential to empower the whole community to lead healthier lifestyles and further support the nation’s wellbeing. Therefore, whatever the interest or ability of the individual, our equipment provides an opportunity for physical activity amongst the whole community.

We have provided outdoor fitness facilities throughout Australia, some projects are illustrated below (click on an image to view more about each project):


Felixstow Reserve Outdoor Fitness Areas

Felixstow Reserve Outdoor Fitness Stations, SA

East Albury Outdoor Fitness Zones

East Albury Fitness Stations, NSW

Powells Creek Ismay Reserve Outdoor Fitness

Ismay Reserve Outdoor Fitness, NSW

Noreuil Park Outdoor Fitness

Noreuil Park Outdoor Fitness Zone, NSW

Berwick Springs Outdoor Fitness

Berwick Springs Outdoor Fitness, VIC

Bilarong Reserve Outdoor Fitness

Bilarong Reserve, NSW

Jack Pyle Park

Jack Pyle Park, QLD

Josiah Mitton Reserve Fitness Station

Josiah Mitton Reserve, SA