We’re celebrating 30 years of great playground design

Proludic's 30-year Anniversary

For Proludic, 2018 is a time to celebrate. But early last year, it didn’t look like we’d be popping any champagne corks.

Anniversaries are a time for celebration. And after 30 years of bringing joy to children and families through our play and sport designs, the team at Proludic has plenty to cheer about.

Yet after a devastating fire destroyed 70% of our main manufacturing plant in France in March 2017, things looked grim. The fire started around 2 am and it took 75 firemen several hours to get it under control. There was a serious risk that client orders could be delayed indefinitely. 

But adversity often brings out the best in people. The local community and our customers offered much encouragement – just what the Proludic team needed to continue delivering our products throughout the recovery period.

Many employees worked around the clock to ensure production was back on track by mid-April 2017 – only three weeks after the fire.

How the fire affected Proludic in Australia

Back in Australia, there was some concern from our clients about delivery delays. Thankfully, most deliveries were made on-time.

“We understand the pressure our clients are under. They have project completion deadlines and budgets to meet”, explains Steve Walding, Proludic Australia’s Managing Director.

“So rather than risk late deliveries, we air-freighted our equipment at no extra charge. Luckily, the company’s insurance covered these additional costs, as well as the cost of the factory rebuild. I’d like to thank all our clients for their support during our ‘catch-up’ period.”

Twelve months on and millions of euros later, the office and factory has been rebuilt. It’s now operating at full capacity. And the other good news… overall, the company’s 2017 turnover increased by 20% throughout the recovery period.

Proludic Factory Proludic Factory

Proludic new factory in France

Celebrating 30 years of award-winning play and recreation equipment design

Proludic's 30-year Anniversary

Thirty years ago, landscaper Denis Le Poupon, made a play structure for his wife’s school. This simple design was the beginning of a lifetime journey for Denis, and the start of Proludic.

The company now has a worldwide distribution network, with six subsidiaries, fifty distributors and more than 250 employees. To date, we’ve built over 80,000 play and sports areas around the globe.

And it’s still a family-owned company with Denis at the helm!


Design innovation and a commitment to service

Proludic’s core values of innovation, experience, commitment and involvement are still at the heart of everything we do. Proludic Australia has been in the business of ‘happiness’ for 9 years, though our senior managers have been involved in providing playgrounds since 1994. We design, make and install children’s playspace equipment, fitness equipment, multi-use games areas and outdoor dynamic structures, Australia-wide.

According to Steve Walding: “We’re a design-led company. Our team of Landscape Architects and Play Consultants help bring our clients’ vision to life.

“Our designs are functional, yet aesthetically pleasing. They’re flexible and modular, and integrate well with the natural environment. We’re mindful of creating designs that are inclusive to suit people of all ages and abilities. We’ve also made sure they’re sustainable. They’re made of durable and recyclable materials. And they comply with Australian Standards on safety, they’re easy to maintain and are built to last.”

“We’re looking forward to another 30 years of great design and the chance to inspire kids of all ages with more stimulating, fun playgrounds and outdoor recreational spaces.”

Proludic's 30-year Anniversary Proludic's 30-year Anniversary

Proludic Australia Team – Steve and Madeleine Walding, Managing Director and Commercial Manager

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