“Fitness Stations – Next level Activation” talk at the Parks and Leisure NSW Conference

It has been another great Parks and Leisure NSW/ACT Conference in Tamworth where our Commercial Manager Madeleine Walding presented “Fitness Stations – Next level activation” in the lead-up to the launch of our Proludic Sport App in Australia.

PLA NSW Conference Proludic PLA NSW Conference Proludic

Living in a digital age has changed the way we live; the convenient use of our mobile phones has contributed to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle which puts our health at risk with issues including obesity, cardiovascular diseases and depression.

A free to use fitness station facility can be a great start for providing communities with access to an easily accessible resource to help improve their fitness levels. But is providing a fitness facility enough? How can we ensure that as many people as possible will use it? 

If the use of digital technology has been a cause of a lack of physical activity, ‘fitness technology’ through mobile apps can now help people engage in exercise and motivate them to get fitter and healthier.

General use fitness trackers and sports apps have their place, but a site-specific application (APP) that enables people to tailor their exercise sessions to the specific site location along with the equipment located there, engage with other users of the facility and create workouts tailored to their own goals is helping create the “next level” of local community engagement with a fitness station facility.

Watch this space, more coming soon on our Proludic Sport App !

Proludic Sport App